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Van life; 5 Months and counting...

Some of you may not know but Becki and I sold our house in Kendal back in June and since then we have been full time VAN LIFERS! It was tough to leave our house of 5 years. We made a home in Kendal, renovated the old victorian town house, we purchased as our first home, and shared many lovely memories with friends, family and our Airbnb guest. But it was time to move on to the next adventure.

After 6 months of the house being on the market we finally sold the place. We packed all our kit into boxes, after we tried to sell a lot of it at a car boot, and stuffed what we had left into storage. We shed a brief tear and then jumped into the van and began our next step as tramps on wheels. Our van was to become our Rolling Home!

We spent the summer parking up in random Lake District spots between days guiding for INTO THE OUTSIDE, drying wetsuits on fences and in friends gardens, jumping up and down off of the roof, loading kayaks and canoes, and washing in the many rivers and waterfalls around Cumbria. Becki, Pan and I became vagabonds of adventure.

We stayed up to watch eclipses, shooting stars and drinking wine by the fire. We cooked out and slept in hammocks and bivouac under the stars. Morning swims in Ullswater, Windermere, Buttermere and Derwent Water. The wilderness never far away. The forest, the hills, mountains and streams, their noises were our background music.

We were reminded of Everett Ruess, Dalton Millican, John Muir, Christopher McCandless, Robyn Davidson, Edward Abbey and others who have sought solitude in nature and the most basic surroundings. Living minimally, eating well and spending time in the company of friends and family.

The 5 months over summer and now leading into winter have not been a breeze or plain sailing. It has been a tough challenge but one that we have cherished and will never forget. We have had to live and run INTO THE OUTSIDE from the van, manage logistics and kit and keep communicating in the ever pressurised arena of the ongoing social media dictated world.

We have learnt so much and have a reenergised love for the close people around us, our business, Pan our 12 year old labrador and more importantly each other. We can't say what is around the corner, only remain excited that life should remain a surprise.

We have really enjoyed our 5 months of van life and the challenges it has thrown us. We go into the Lake District winter now with snow approaching and the bitter cold winds. Time to get the winter kit out of the box and wrap up. Let play time begin...

Thank you for reading and coming out with INTO THE OUTSIDE this summer. We have loved every minute. Thank you to our friends who have leant us your beds, showers, washing machines, food and your company. Thank you to our families who have worried when there was no need and thank you to Mum who has taken Pan for a few holidays.

Most choose to exist, the rest decide to LIVE.

Dan, Becki & Pan


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