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At INTO THE OUTSIDE we want to fully immerse you in the wonder of the natural world and Ghyll Scrambling is the finest example of this! 'Ghyll' is Cumbrian for 'mountain river'.


As we ascend the river against the flow you'll encounter rapids, plunge pools, waterfalls and chutes that we can play around in and set you some challenges. It's a sensory sensation as you travel through this dynamic environment on an adventure you will truly never forget!


With plentiful mountain rivers in the Lake District INTO THE OUTSIDE can choose a venue that best suits your aspirations and the weather conditions on the day of your adventure.


Ghyll Scrambling require a good level of physical fitness as you will be out for a number of hours exerting yourself in the elements.


INTO THE OUTSIDE are all about bespoke adventure so if you've got the energy why not combine Ghyll Scrambling with another 1/2 day adventure for the ultimate Combo day?!



Want to ramp things up a notch?! Take on the biggest jumps, deepest pools and non-stop rapids in our full day Esk Ghyll Scramble! This Lake District gem is well worth the effort of getting there, which in itself is an adventure with an exhilarating 1hr+ drive over 2 mountain passes and 40 minute walk in to the wild!

For prices and booking information click here.

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Wow! What a day, we (husband, 14 y/o and I) went out for a morning Ghyll Scrambling with Becki, who was full of excitement, bubbly and positivity! The thrill of the whole day, the big 25ft, 18ft and 15ft jumps was such an incredible experience and I truly recommend INTO THE OUTSIDE for any outdoors adventure in the Lake District!

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Would definitely recommend these guys! We did Ghyll Scrambling and it was great fun! Becki had a good sense of humour so made it fun while also making you feel safe as she was right by your side to guide you during the tricky parts! We liked it so much that we hope to book The National 3 Peaks with them next year! 

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Becki and Dan are simply amazing and the activities are brilliant. We went Rock Climbing and Ghyll Scrambling. Our kids absolutely loved both. The Ghyll Scrambling though. Wow, wow’ wow!!!! Do NOT miss this! Our kids (11 and 15) loved it so much they begged me to let them do it again. From clambering over waterfalls, to sitting in ‘jacuzzi’s’ to jumping into deep pools from 20 foot the whole experience is outstanding fun. My 11 year old son exclaimed at the end of the first Ghyll Scrambling trip ‘That was the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life!’ High praise indeed!

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