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Kendal Mountain Festival 2019

The Kendal Mountain Festival is just around the corner and INTO THE OUTSIDE can't wait. The KMF 2019 looks set up to be the best yet with local and international athletes arriving in our home town to chat, premier their adventure films and generally inspire us all to keep exploring the great outdoors.

Becki will this year be the chief presenter on the Columbia stage inside the Base Camp. Last year was a massive success and KMF asked Becki to return to be the top host this time. Becki will be interviewing on stage all weekend, which is sure to be amazing, as she had great success presenting at the Skyline Scotland Festival.

Dan will be supporting in the Base Camp and running a special Ghyll Scrambling event on the morning of Saturday 16th (9am-12pm). You can still sign up here by sending us a message and on the Friday afternoon at the Base Camp Stage. We supply all the kit. All you needs it some good trainers and a towel. £20pp.

We can't wait for the festival to begin. If you see us around the Base Camp tent please come over and say hello. We will be giving away some INTO THE OUTSIDE 2020 prizes if you sign up to our newsletter!!

Have a great KMF and see you there.

Dan, Becki & Pan


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